does size matter? what's your preference?

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  1. okay, totally random question here - what's your preference for bag size when it comes to non-work, fun-type activities: going out shopping, heading to the bar with girlfriends, etc.? are we talking fendi spy or mj clutch?

    and a second question: do you think you could change your preference for a hot new bag?

    i'm a big bag kind of woman when it comes to work - the bigger, the better. but even in off-work hours, i've been carrying around the same large work bag (a prada that thanks for the forum, i've only now realized is fake :sad:), and i'm wondering if my new HH margot kiss-kiss bag is going to cut it. it has three compartments about the size of three small makeup bags put together, and each compartment is almost completely flat - that is, the compartment and the purse will expand to fit your contents, but empty, all the compartments are envelope-flat. sheesh. can i break my big-bag-girl ways?

    in case you were interested: Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Item Detail
  2. I LOVE this bag! I blogged it a few days ago if you want to check it out (signature). I'm a big bag girl myself but it's nice to take a smaller one out when I don't have a whole lot of stuff to carry. Get this bag! I personally like the brown better though, are you set on the black?
  3. i read your blog a couple days ago, and loved it! turns out i ordered the bag before i even saw your blog post, but it made me very happy to see positive reviews.

    i bought the black and it arrived two days ago. black is definitely more *me* - the brown doesn't speak to me, but again, that's just me. the tweed on the black has more green in it than i'd expected, but i still love it. because i wear all black 99% of the time, this bag will work well for me. next time, though, i should branch out and try a classic brown leather bag :smile:

    glad to hear someone else likes the bag!
  4. I go tend to go to extremes. I either like big, slouchy bags (18" across +), or small clutches and continental wallets.

    Even when I carry a big bag, I still tend to travel light, though. :shrugs:

    Love the tweed fabric on your bag - I really like zig-zags and chevron patterns. :yes:
  5. me!

    i love big bags. i don't care if it's out or in. i love it because i feel more comfortable with it. i'm petite. but i love to shop. and i hate having too many shopping bags. since it's clothes i usually buy i don't mind stuffing it into my bag.

    but if i go out at night, i prefer to take my big bag and leave it in the car with my wristlet.

    or just use my wristlet altogether, forgoing the big bag.

    if i go to school. a big bag also helps b/c of papers, and work clothes.

    but no way can the size exceed 18 inches across.

    when i mean big, i mean for a girl like me whose petite :smile:
  6. Depends on the activity. After all, going out shopping is very different from heading to the bar. :biggrin:

    For work, I need a big tote because I often carry files back and forth with me, or magazines to read on the train. I also stick a small purse inside it (very small- like a little pouch with a handle, just big enough for my wallet, ID, etc.) so I can carry just that to lunches and meetings and not have to lug the huge bag around all the time.

    On weekends during the daytime, I go for a medium-sized bag (like something the size of LV's Speedy 25.) I need my wallet, keys, cell, mints/gum, lipstick, etc, but I don't need the giant tote.

    For evening, I streamline it as much as possible because I don't like carrying a big bag around when I'm dressed up (or semi-dressed-up); I like a sparkly or metallic clutch- something that says "evening!" to me. In it, I just carry cash, credit cards, my Metrocard, my ID and my lip gloss (if I'm with my husband, I usually don't even bother with my keys or cell because I know he has his. :lol: )

    So... it's very situational for me personally. And if there was a hot new bag I wanted, I'd likely be able to find some situation where I felt it was appropriate to carry. :smile:

  7. I've been pondering this...

    I like a light bag for everyday use. So my Tokidoki is getting a work-out right now. But later, when the wife and I head out for a casual dinner with her colleagues, it'll be a medium sized white leather Donna Karan bag.

    I gotta be honest. I like big bags - so long as they aren't like luggage. I can't see how some folks carry around that darn MJ Stam... it's HUGE. Not to mention that Zac Posen bag. It weighs a ton. But there's a nice suede Cole Haan bag that is huge that I picked up and love it... it's light.

    So... I guess for me, weight is more important than size.

  8. The bigger, the better! Yes!
    I'm not interested in it if it's under 14" wide. And I hate thin bags, I like the bottom to be a good 4" deep at the least, but 7" is better. I hate a flat bag.

    My bags keep growing. Looking at bags I bought just 5 years ago, I can't believe I ever considered them large. If I had documents to carry, I had to put them into a separate briefcase.
    I actually have one bag that's only 10" across. I can't even use it! Nowadays, my bag and my briefcase are one and the same. I carry all my documents and notebooks, and in the summer, a pair of flip flops and a litre of water.

    The only time I use a clutch or wristlet is for nights out on the town. I carry the small bag inside the big one, then when I get out of the car I put the big bag in the trunk and carry the small one.
  9. I actually prefer bigger bags for everyday use, i like to stash a-lot in my purse and small bags or wristlets don't do it for me. But, since i carry around my school bag all day, i usually just fill up a wristlet and stick it in there.
  10. Depends on the occasion and whether it's a designer bag. I'm somewhat of a minimalist. I hate lugging a super heavy bag, and when I was in school, I'd only bring what I needed, even if I did have to carry a notebook and a couple books with my arms.

    Before I got my dooney bag, I would always carry a wristlet to work that carried my cell, my LV cles, my keys and my chapstick. Even when I go shopping, I tend not to carry a huge bag, unless I'm lazy to empty my bag out (since I switch around with what I want to carry).

    For the most part, my designer bags range from small to medium-large. If I had to carry a huge bag, I'd rather it not be designer; at least, not something that's ostentatious.
  11. Are we talking about bags or something else here? :graucho::roflmfao:

    I used to be a small to medium size bag girl until I got addicted to Balenciaga. Then I got a Chloe silverado and a YSL muse and the obsession with big bags just got worst.

    For school, I used to carry a Jansport backpack because I'm pretty rough with my school bag so no designer for me here.

    For work, I prefer medium and big size bags to carry all my work related necessities.

    For casual outtings, I prefer small to medium bags such as my Burberry barrel, LV speedy and papilon, or Balenciaga First/City.

    For evenings, I prefer a pochette or a wrislet to carry my bare necessities (IDs, cash, lip gloss, and keys).

    So I do alternate my bags depending on where I'll be going that day.
  12. I also prefer a larger bag especially for everyday. I need to have a relaibel brown and black bag. In other colors, I don't care as much about size. I go completely with what style speaks to me. I have funky styles and very classic too. I prefer to put my wristlet inside my larger bags for money, credit cards, etc.

  13. I'd go for medium size, because im pretty juz 5'1".. I dun even dare to order coco cabas>.<'
    i dun really like the use of small bag, but I like the way it looks, thats why i kept buying pochette..

    for school, i don use designer..just random cute tote:P

    for shopping n hang out I usually use either my LV sac plat or chanel small tote..
    for party, i used my pochette. finally i found they are useful:graucho: bcoz they're small n easy to carry..i'd go for my cambon or diorissimo

    all in all, I'd go for medium size!hehehe
  14. I am a skinny girl and I prefer big bags. I find it useful when hiding my purchases from my husband..hehe.
  15. Glad you got it! And glad you liked my blog! I don't think I have too many readers yet. If you wear a lot of black, I guess that was the right choice. I wear a lot of brown :P