Does silver Tiffany's jewelry match with gold LV hardware?

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  1. Hey everyone, this has always been sort of an issue for me. Does silver Tiffany's/or any other silver/white gold jewelry look funny with all the gold hardware/chain straps on Louis Vuitton bags? Or even with my Stephen Sprouse Roses Pochette, it only has a tiny bit of gold for the strap connections, but I feel 'mismatched' when I wear my silver Tiffanys choker. What do you guys think??
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    Get that silver/gold Insolence charm and put that on your bag, then you can tie in both metals together! :winkiss:

  3. Good idea FrankieP! I had the same issue and was a white gold jewellery wearer. My solution was to change to gold jewellery! Since conversion, I feel gold suits my skin tone better than white gold. Thankfully I don't wear a watch otherwise I'll be stuck in the same dilemma as I only like white metal watches :amuse:
  4. Hey thats a good idea! Thats a nice charm, but I don't know if I like that look with the silver/gold together.... :ty:
  5. ^ love your avatar!
    I wear my jewelry basics all of the time, I worry more about the shoes :smile:
  6. My Engagement Ring is White and Yellow gold and it just goes. I can wear any kind of jewelry - and any LV bag!!
  7. used to be a gold jewelry kinda girl.. then as i mature i transition to silver thinking it is more youthful and modern.. now that i gotten to lv and chanel most with ghw.. i find myself going back to acquiring gold jewelries. thank goodness my mom is into chinese jewelries do i can just ask her for braceletes, earrings and necklace! all i had to buy is watches! just got 1 michelle with gold and i am set!
  8. I don't really like mixing gold and silver jewellery. But I'm not going to change everything I'm wearing just so it matches my bag :P
  9. you can mix gold and silver especially that prada do it! for ex. my prada belt is gold & silver! so dont worry even if it can looks strange at frist sight! this move is not passe!! :biggrin:
  10. I prefer silver toned jewelry and my wedding set is platinum, so I just wear silver toned jewelry with whatever bag I'm wearing. I mix silver & gold, black & brown in my outfit, etc. - I thought about them alot when I was younger (like HS aged), but I don't worry too much about those "rules" anymore.
  11. I don't think about it. There really is so little hardware on bags that I can't imagine my whole jewelry wardrobe revolving around it.
  12. Just me, but I don't mix yellow gold with white gold or silver. Then again, I don't have anything from Tiffany... lol
  13. I love mixing metals and do it all the time. I could never set limits on my jewelry!

  14. Agreed!:tup:
  15. All my jewelry is from T&Co, and I only like silver-toned metal (sterling silver, platinum, white gold). I actually really dislike gold. I simply ignore the fact that they may clash with each other.