Does Shining Monkey make the leather darker?

  1. I just got my Shining Monkey today, and I think I got a bit carried away:sad2: I must have applied 3 coats. The first time I did it, I accidentally applied more to one spot, and I think that spot is a tiny bit darker than the rest. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid, or maybe it's taking time to dry? It's been about 1.5 hours now, and it's still like that :sad2:

    Do you have to be extra careful when applying the fabric protectant (ie does it have to be applied very evenly)?? Thanks!
  2. I'm not sue about shining monkey buy another purse forum member told me that she puts Wilson's leather protector on her vachetta and it keeps off stains and water spots.
  3. yes you have to allpy all of the protectors evenly and staying away from the product you are spraying... You want a light even coat. Let it dry(depending on the product your using) i'd say wiat about 1 hr, then respray the same way again.

    At least this is what i did with both my denim and Mc speedy yesterday.
  4. I applied 3 coats to the handles. It dried out fast and didn't discolor.
  5. I have sprayed the majority of my bags and never had a problem with "spotting". Maybe you held it too close to your bags and maybe you were heavy handed when spraying. I think the most coats you need is two, but actually one coat is fine. I think a good rule is, better to underspray just to be on the safe side.
  6. I applied 3 coats to my handbags and no discoloration. It spots for me and then dries in seconds.
  7. I'm not so sure about the discolouring part now. I applied 3 coats to my BV last night, but not my Popincourt Haut (both new). I compared them side by side and found the BV to be slightly darker now. I took 2 pictures but the difference is a bit more obvious in real life than in the pics. If that's what it takes to make it water proof, then I'm OK with it. Just thought I'd share with everyone.
    Picture 216.jpg Picture 214.jpg
  8. Anyone tried Shining Moneky on their white multicolor ? Will it keep it white or turn it yellow (yikes !)
  9. Yikes is right. I only use Apple Garde or Wilson's. Both were meant for leather products and have been time tested not to harm expensive bags. I'd be sick if I used a product and it ruined my bag......
  10. I doubt that it will turn it yellow. Mind you, this is used on cars and there'd be a disclaimer if the car seat fabric/leather is white. Someone sprayed on a piece of paper towel and the only change is that it made it waterproof.
  11. This is meant for leather products too. It's made for luxury sports car interiors for whatever fabric it is, including leather.

    On a side note, my BF just got the 1 gallon of Apple Leather Care I ordered. LOL. 1 gallon!
  12. YEp i did my mc speedy yesterday... and its ok today...
    Now i didnt spray the entire bag.. NO need water isnt going to hurt the canvas. I sprayed just the naked leather, that being said of course some go on the bag.. no big deal but i did clean off the brass.
  13. Where can you purchase shining monkey from?