Does she mean it this time ?

  1. Will Brit stick with it?
    Scan000006.jpg Scan000008.jpg
  2. I hope so.
  3. so do i

    she really needs to be rid of him
  4. a male nanny? So she can rebound to him? She needs to stop being so stinking needy!
  5. i hope so. kevin is such a loser!
  6. Hope so, he has everything to gain but not her!
  7. She needs to get rid of KFed and either get with that cute manny or back with Justin. *sigh* Justin and Brit were so cute together and she had to go and ruin it.
  8. My thought is ... didnt they have a prenup? Divorce him already!!
  9. One can only pray. Granted I'm not a fan of hers but no one deserves a guy like K Fed for a husband.
  10. Such drama.
  11. I feel bad that all of this is going on while she's pregnant.
  12. I saw in Sat. Night Live the other night- she looked great. This was a 2002 repeat. I can't believe the difference 4 years and a baby/bad marriage has made with her.
  13. I really hope she does mean it. And hopefully they will be able to maintain an amicable friendship for the sake of the kids.
  14. question is...she is glammed up in that photo? She looks like a trashy hooker from Hollywood Blvd.