Does seller pay for return shipping for SNAD items?

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  1. I've never had to return an item as SNAD, in fact I've only ever had to return something through eBay once; to exchange a pair of jeans for a different size.

    So now I bought a Fred Perry polo off eBay (guaranteed authentic), and guess what? It's fake. I've already emailed the seller letting him know that I know that it is fake. Of course I will need to post the shirt back to him, but how will my return shipping cost be reimbursed? Do I just process a return through the seller, or dispute through PayPal?

    Also, this guy has scammed hundreds of eBayers through these polos; he can expect a big, fat negative on his otherwise clean-feedback score.
  2. not sure. sorry, but bump
  3. I've returned two items (one SNAD, one fake) in the last month, and both I had to pay for the return shipping out of my own pocket. If there is a way to get reimbursed, I would love that, but I don't think there is!
  4. yes i believe you will have to foot the return bill yourself. Twice i had to do a return (international shippings AU to US) it cost me an arm & a leg for nothing but the sellers gave me a full refund incl the original shipping fee so they lost money too
  5. I am currently going through a SNAD through ebay (I am the buyer). Believe it or not, ebay paid for my return shipping. In the final resolution email from ebay ruling in my favor they stated that they would pay for the return shipping and included a link for me to print out a complimentary UPS/USPS combo label. I printed it out and just dropped it off at a UPS drop shop. I didn't ask for the return shipping to be paid so I was pleasantly surprised by it. Ironically, all I had to return to sender was an outside ripped paper envelope and USPS damage pouch as the item ripped out of the envelope during USPS transit.
  6. I know Ebay will send out shipping labels but i don't think you get delivery/sig confirmation so wouldn't be able to prove it was delivered back to the seller ? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I've heard the same. :-s

    I've had to pay out of pocket for every item I've had to return, which is not many, but it does add up. I've got two SNAD cases going right now, one of which the overly-bright seller can't figure out how to escalate :rolleyes: even though Ebay says she has the option; the second case the seller hasn't bothered to respond to. It's been open for 24 hrs now. If I win, I expect I'll be out at least $20 in return shipping. It stinks.
  8. ebay labels have their own system of bar code on them. They do have DC. The label can be used at both the PO and UPS. The number is not trackable to the buyer on UPS's site but ebay can see the return.
  9. you will have to pay. I had a buyer lie about that an item was SNAD when she really had buyer's remorse and she had to pay the return shipping.
  10. The shipping label from ebay have both delivery confirmation number for USPS and a tracking number for UPS.

    The tracking number on the ebay label does work on UPS website.
  11. Ok, one of my cases just got won. I would like to know if there's a way to get a label from ebay, since I'm going to be out return shipping. Plus, the seller is now getting snarky with me.
  12. Thanks everyone for your input;

    Some of you are mentioning USPS and UPS labels, but I'm in Australia. Does anyone know if they've implemented a similar system here?
  13. the one time I've had to return a fake purse, the seller was very cooperative, I didn't file for SNAD or anything, and they refunded me the $25 return shipping. This seller was a consignment store and did not know the item was fake.
    I need to return another fake purse now, and I'm sure the seller would be much less cooperative, since she knew it was fake to begin with, so I'm afraid I would have to file, and hope ebay will give me a label, otherwise I'll just pay for return shipping myself.
  14. Give ebay a call, sometimes ebay's representative will offer to send you a shipping label to return the item, it's luck of the draw I think. Good luck!
  15. Thanks! I'll do that in the morning!