does seeing someone carrying a chanel make u want one too?

  1. Don't know y, but after seeing this girl w/ a jumbo black flap in my work building, i can't stop thinking about it. I've passed this bag many times and got several med instead. But how come I can't get it out of my mind now. It looked perfect on her:drool:

    Does seeing someone carrying a chanel make u want the same?
  2. maybe. . . . I already love Chanel so it doesn't take mush! LOL!
    But seeing someone wear soemthing well that I may not have otherwise liked may cause me to give it a 2nd look or try it on.
  3. Absolutely! I saw a woman with a Chanel Coco Cabas vinyl yesterday and I'm lusting like crazy!
  4. i used to not like chanel that much because there are a lot of teenagers here carrying fake ones but lately I've been obsessing about chanel accessories...

    and being on this forum does not help (makes me want it even more):p
  5. sometimes, yes. :yes:
  6. Sometimes I won't like a bag when it's just sitting on a shelf, or in pictures, but when I see someone actually wearing it it looks different. Sometimes it works in reverse, I like a bag better on a shelf, than with someone actually wearing it. I guess you get that element of realism that way, that helps you decide.
  7. Yes and no.
    I saw someone the other day wearing a vinyl coco cabas and it put me off for miles. It didn't suit her at all and it made me decide there and then I will never ever get a coco cabas. I'm more the classic type of girl.
  8. No.......Normally if I see something that someone has I don't want it 'cause I like to be different....However....I haven't seen anyone wearing Chanel where I work and doubt I ever I'm not tempted either.....
  9. absolutely....
    most of the times when i liked a bag and sense myself not to buy it, then BAM! i saw someone carrying it, which destroy all my senses and made me crave for more...
    i already got 2 coco cabas style and thought i had enough of this style, but seeing a girl carrying an original in balck caviar made me want it again!
    i'm DOOMED, i tell u, i'm so easily persuaded...
  10. ^seahorse, ur pics modeling the baby cabas over on the bbag forum made me crave I am doomed too!!!
  11. I'll occasionally change my mind about a bag after seeing it on tPF. Sometimes I won't like a bag IRL but after I see it on a PF'er, it makes me :drool:...
  12. sometime is brings attention to a style I had not really given much thought to.
  13. Yes, as long as its a stranger and not a friend.
  14. sometimes it does. sometimes it puts me off as well

  15. LOL, it's called spread the disease :roflmfao:
    and i am doing that :graucho: