does seeing a celebrity carry a certain bag, make you want it more?

  1. or does it make no difference to you who you see carrying it. if you like it, you like it.
  2. if I like it...I like it!!!
  3. It doesn't hurt if the bag looks good on them. :smile:
  4. makes no difference to me. What I like about seeing photos of people wearing certain bags is I can see how the bag looks/wears in every day life. Celebs become walking mannequins for me! But I would never buy a bag just because some celeb has it. I have to like the bag.
  5. It makes me want it less!
  6. If you like it, you like it . Who cares who has it . Heck, if my grandma had a purse and i liked it i would get one too! LOL:nuts:
  7. No, but if I see a celebrity carrying a bag that I already have, it makes me feel strangely prideful :p
  8. I agree! Thats why I tend to look for celebrities who have the same body frame as I have to see how the bag that I like looks like when they are carrying it.
  9. Makes no difference to me.
  10. Yes it does. Not because who they are but whether the bag will fit me.
  11. No, but seeing you evil PFers posting all your pics does...
  12. depends... If it's carried by Lindsay Lohan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  13. I think it may bring a bag/style to my attention seeing it on someone, But It would not affect if I like it more or less.
    As mentioned here, If I like it-I like it.
  14. no way Jose!

    LMAO @ Irish as usual:lol:
  15. Makes no difference to me!