Does Saks run an EGC event during November and December?

  1. I can't remember (having that last baby completely erased a bunch of my memory, lol). Thanks ladies.

    For some reason, I don't think they do, but then again.....:p
  2. i don't think so since sales should be hitting during nov/dec, but my Saks SA said there is triple points day in Nov.
  3. i heard triple points day is on the same day as the designer day sale next week?
  4. my SA is already doing presale with me tomorrow for the 40off at Saks, which is supposed to happen next far some of the designers are included (prada, chloe, some etro, etc) but she's still getting that list in so i might know more tomorrow.

    btw i hear nm is also doing a private night just before their first call hits.