Does Saks offer second cut sale on handbags?

  1. Does Saks offer second cut sale on handbags?
    When is it?

    Thank you!
  2. in july sometime
  3. I think its June 20th..
  4. They do... All their bags are still out on the floor... and there are a TON - they even have them stuffed in the file drawers below the displays - I saw them all yesterday.

    I asked when the 2nd cut was and the SA says they won't tell them and they usually wait until the day before - so she didn't know when. But she said she thought it would be soon.

    What does this mean for those of us who bought on the 1st cut? Any chance to get a price adjustment??? :nuts:
  5. I think Saks will do an adjustment if you purchased the item within 2 weeks of the price change.
  6. ^^ that's not true, Saks will not do a price adjustment on sale merchandise. the best you can do is return it and hope that the SA will let you buy it back (which they sometimes do not do).
  7. Thank you guys for replying!

    I talked to an SA on the phone about it and she said it all depends on what it is and when it was purchased - and when the sale is. So I guess it all depends. She said she heard some ppl mentioning 6/20 as the next sale date too. But she said nobody really knows.
  8. I just talked to a co-worker (she's the queen of shopping in my office), and she has done this before. Since she can estimate when the additional 40% sale (so the item is already on sale) will be around Christmas/New Year time, she buys the item a week or so in advance, and her SA does the price adjustment a week later. I think padparasha is right, it just depends on the item and who the SA is.
  9. This is what I heard from some of my semi-professional shopper friends, , already this Wednesday there will be presale availability.-Actually Sale may be Saturday, Have not heard what percentage off - and this is not official, just rumors- regarding return/adjustment, this is what they said to me, not sure it is true, that you would be able to get the adjustment by returning the bag on the card you bought them and re-purchasing them on a different card. immediately. They said you might be able to return/recharge re-change the purchase to your original card later. This is a lot of work, and don't know if it is worth it unless the discount is large, if I hear the discount will post.:heart:H
  10. I talked to my Gucci specialist in the NY SAKS and presale is going on Wednesday for second cut! Sweet.
  11. :tup:So it is true.....did you find out what percentage will be reduced?Great News!!!!!!
  12. i've had a price adjustment done on sale merch.

    not anything pricey like a bag, but random theory pieces.
  13. My SA said it will be sometime in July. Am I right in reading that some of you think it will be happening this month?
  14. Eeekk...:smile: I'm so excited so which one is it guys? This wednesday, the 20th or in July?

    Haha...sorry for being pushy! :smile:
  15. That would be so sweet if it is next week!
    I'll keep watching, I'd love to get a price adjustment.