Does Saks have luxury handbag sales?

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  1. Hi ladies. So I have my eye out on a seasonal Prada bag. I was wondering if the Prada bag I like doesn't sell out by the end of the season, does Saks put them on sale? And how about other luxury handbag brands? Thanks!
  2. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but yes, seasonal Prada does go on sale if it has not sold out. Gucci also goes on sale as well as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, etc. I do not think Balenciaga goes on sale an Celine is very difficult to find on sale seeing as its usually only one or two pieces that make it to sale and they sell out quickly.
  3. Thank you so much! Do you happen to know when these sales are? And how much reduction for Prada there is. Thanks.
  4. Sales are usually mid/end of Summer and Christmas. For Saks, reductions start at 30% and go from there after awhile.
  5. Definitely make sure you check out the Deals and Steals forum as well as the individual Designer section. People here are pretty good at posting intels on the upcoming sales which should be towards mid to end of next month, maybe even beginning of Dec. Saks has their designer sales around this time. The only exception are Louboutin and Chanel-their sales are typically about middle of the following month (so around mid Dec).
  6. Thanks ladies. Are these sales reflected online as well? Thanks!
  7. Chanel isn't sold online.
  8. Thanks Swanky. How about their Prada bags, do you know if the sales are reflected online or just in stores when they have them?

  9. Yes, sale Prada will end up online but it might be different than what is available in store.
  10. Ok good to know. So is it safe to assume that if I keep my eye out on the bag I want online and it goes on sale online that it will also be on sale in stores (if they still have it in stores) or vice versa?

  11. That would make sense, but I don't think you can guarantee it a hundred percent. Some things might be sold out in stores but available online and vice versa.
  12. That is great info to know. Thank you so much!
  13. No prob :smile:
  14. Your best bet might be to get the name of a good SA that will alert you to when they go on sale. I know several people in this forum have SAs that they love, so hopefully someone can chime in and help.

  15. That's the best way to go... get a good SA that will let you know when the
    sales start...