Does Saks carry Violet GSH city?

  1. Hi: I am planning to buy a violet giant hardware in a city or part time. But, not sure if I will like silver or gold studs... I know that Saks has vilote GGH PT and city. I wanna order both silver and gold studs to compare.

    Does it carry GSH city or PT? Thanks.
  2. I apologize for the delay in responding but I wanted to check with our buying office first and we do not carry the city but we do carry both the part time and the step in color prune - purple.

    Part time - $1645 and inventory is limited.
    Step - $1165 and inventory is limited on this one as well.

    Russel Karbley
    Sr. Coordinator, Saks Direct Customer Service
    Saks Fifth Avenue
  3. That's a great answer!
  4. R-Karbley, can I call you at the store to find out about your Balenciaga bags you
    Thanks.. do you have a phone number???:sweatdrop:
  5. thanks rkarbley