Does Saks Carry Men's Balenciaga?

  1. Hi all! I'm thinking of getting a black men's day, and being a loyal Saks shopper I'd prefer to order from them (I don't like Neimans and I've never really shopped with Barney's).

  2. I see you're in Sac, I don't think they have them and Saks, but you can go to the Nordstroms @ Arden Fair, I just went today and they had a couple dark colored days!
  3. ^are they men's days? From what I've seen that Nordies doesn't have any men's bags.
  4. you should call to ask, I think I saw a couple courier's (could work for men's bags). I don't particularly like any of the SA's, so I can't recommend one. Good luck! SF Neiman's didn't look like they had a huge selection for men's either when I went last weekend.
  5. I have never seen a men's bag at my local Saks, that doesn't mean that they don't, but in a year and a half of regularly checking the out, I have never seen one!

    I wish you well,

  6. I just got one and I think I love it~Didnt have chance to wear it~ (due to snowy weather here~)