Does RP Collection comes with small accesories ..

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  1. LV Fans,

    Does RP Collection comes with small accesories like: WALLETS, ZIPPY, COIN PURSE..etc?

    I'm not In the "KNOW"..on RP Collection.

    IF you know of any small accesories...please POST Pics and detailed INFO.

    Thanks LV Team...You all ROCK!
  2. Would be lovely if there were.. I'd love a Ronde or something! :yes:
  3. So far only scarves, bandeaus and shoes. Soon they'll be getting the aquarelle shoes :drool::drool:
  4. The only small accessory thing are the Pulp scarves (yellow and red), a bigger scarf (in blue) and Aquarelle belts (in brown and white).
  5. Thanks Tookata, I should also check out LVMoode collections