does rm light leather stain easily?

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  1. Light colors in general are an issue when it comes to jean dyes especially. I recommend treating it with Apple Guard stain repellant spray. First just try the spray on the bottom of bag to make sure it doesn't stain.
  2. I think it applies to generally most light coloured leather bags. I have a RM Mini MAC in turqoise, not exactly that light of a colour but my Levis stained the back of the bag. Therefore I think the peach colour you chose could possibly be the same if rubbed against jeans.

    The worst of all was my Burberry tote. Especially since the Burberry's print is so light.
  3. Thanks both of you for responding! yeah that is what I figured, and so I decided not to buy the purse. I'm worried the leather will stain and also that in a few months I will be sick of a pink purse. lol. Now I am thinking of buying it in either taupe, or almond, but I'm worried those will stain too!!!!
  4. I have the MAC in taupe. After 2 years of regular use, it was stained by my jeans because they were wet from a water ride at Seaworld :sad:
  5. I have a Cupid in a peachy pink color. It hasn't been affected by jean transfer but it's the lightly glazed leather.
    However, being a lighter color, it is showing more wear than my dark bags.
  6. I did get the peach but it was such a good deal from shopbop! I'm thinking of using the apple repellent spray hoping it'll help and guess I'll try not to wear with jeans lol

    Btw is periwinkle rather dark? I love that shade
  7. Ah, the periwinkle is to die for!! Such a sweet colour. In fact, I am drooling over the new colours. Such fun, vibrant season. :amuse:
  8. Yes!! I think I'll get that in Cupid ...u?