Does RM appeal to all age groups?

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  1. I have recently discovered RM and just got a MAM... my first! I also am new here and I have been reading threads and looking at the pictures and everyone seems very young. I am 60. Does this designer appeal to all age groups, or am I the odd woman out?
  2. I think it's for all ages since the styles appeal and fits so many different women.
  3. I'm 24 and my mom is 63 and we both have RMs! No age limit!! :tup:
  4. Late 40's and just found RM.

    Right behind you, Nora!!
  5. My mom is in her mid 50's, I'm 23. It definitely appeals to a broad range of age groups. If you look at the members of the RM sub-forum, I think that also speaks for itself.
  6. They are pretty classy bags, I think a woman of any age can wear them fabulously.
  7. I'm in my 40's (really?? When the hell did THAT happen!! :P) and LOVE RM! I have waaay too many to admit to at this point, but you better believe I will not only be rockin' my RM's well into my 60's but the whole boot thing I've got going on as well. I live in New England and once Fall arrives, I am ALL about boots!!! :tender:
  8. Personally, I'm 20, but I think RM's styles are timeless so a person of any age can carry them and they'll look fabulous!
  9. I bought my Mom (who is 60) a Nikki and she is now as obsessed as I am (I'm 27 but have been an RM fan since I was 23.)
  10. Jocey, I see that you have a Straw/Pepper MAB on your wishlist...I have a MAM coming in this week!

    I absolutely LOVE the RM Straw bags! I have 2 Straw Belles, Pepper and Papaya and this photo totally made me covet the MAM as well! :love:

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  11. I think some of her style are young but others are classics. I am gulp 40 and I love her bags!
  12. I saw a woman this weekend who looked like she was in her mid-50s wearing a MAM.
  13. I second all the voice above...I'm 33, I'm getting my Mom hooked and she is 62!
  14. ME too - Love the straw/pepper combo Mam for some reason!! CANNOT shake it loose from my brain. - I'll give in - I know I will!!

    I'm in my 40's and Love RMs. I have 2 DDs (19 & 21) that love RM as well. The style just appeals to all age groups for a variety of reasons!!

  15. [​IMG]

    I am 19!
    Pictured: Rebecca Minkoff Jade Nikki


    My mom is 48!
    Pictured: Rebecca Minkoff Wine Morning After Bag Mini

    My grandma is.. . well I don't know her exact age but you get my point!
    Pictured: Rebecca Minkoff Periwinkle Morning After Bag Mini

    This is another one of the many reasons why I am a devoted RM fan and always will be! Because her bags aren't just for women of a certain age group but because it's AFFORDABLE and looks great on all women of all races and ages! Love love love it!~​