Does RITA look good in black or white?

  1. Hi ladies and gents ... I have decided I needed a new multicolore bag ... and RITA won over ursula. In your opinion, would the rita look better in black or white ... especially as she ages and has patina? I would love to have her in both colors but obviously can't ... so please help! Thank you:flowers: By the way, I already have speedy in black and alma in white ...
  2. IMO, definitely white!
  3. OHHH i love the rita....when i went to get my pochette....i asked the lady to check out the rita....i saw both colors and in my opinion the white looks just to precious,but in white it looks very...well pale.But after the patina its better(in my opinion) and i dont really like patina on black mc
  4. So yeah....White :tup:
  5. White.
  6. I have the white MC Rita --- beautiful bag! I also like the black MC Rita and was planning to get that as well, but LV came out with too many nice LE bags so my poor black MC Rita will have to wait. LOL

    Get it in white first --- it is really striking against the gold hardware! Good luck!
  7. I had the choice and went for the white and have no regrets!
  8. white!
  9. If it were me, I would get black....just like it in black better for some reason, but white is pretty too.
  10. I usually like black MC better, but I'm voting white for this bag. Good luck!
  11. I have the white Rita and I love it... get white.... you won't regret it... it's really gorgeous!:smile:
  12. White! :smile:
  13. i love that bag in white!!
  14. I really love it in white.
  15. Black!