Does Riki come in slick calf?

  1. I know it comes in the soft calf but wondering about slick?? said the one they have for sale is slick calf but wanted to check w/ the JC experts!! TIA!
  2. Yes, it came in red and black slick calf.
    It is still full price on JC Website (at least the red is).
    The red slicks have not gone on sale at the Boutiques, JC, BG or NM,
    even though they have been discontinued.
  3. Great thx!!!! I only saw the soft calf on Am I blind or just not looking hard enough?

    Is slick calf more durable than soft or are they the same??
  4. Which color are you looking for?
    Personally, I love my slick Ramona,
    but it is more prone to surface scratches than the regular calf,
    but I :love: mine as it is unique!

    Here is the Red Slick Riki on JC