does revolve match bluefly prices?

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  1. never thought this would happen because revolve usually has lower prices than anyone, but there are a pair of jeans cheaper on bluefly than revolve. only thing is i'm not sure they will fit right, and bluefly charges you a return shipping fee--revolve has amazing customer service and you get your order in just a couple days! just wondering if anyone has ever gotten revolve to match bluefly prices.
  2. Revolve hardly has the lowest prices, they just have good discounts and free shipping. I think the shipping cost is included in the price for most items.
  3. So long as it's not a clearance item, I'm almost certain they will. From their guarantee page:

    Price match guarantee. We will match any competitor's non-clearance price within 30 days of your purchase*. We will also match most major competitor's coupons at the time of purchase.

    They have fabulous customer service, so I would definitely shoot them an e-mail or call them up.
  4. Definitely check, but revolve I think is considered a retail website, whereas bluefly is considered an outlet/discount site. They might not price match it, but it's worth a try!