Does reissue appear less flat once you fill it up?

  1. I was wondering if once you fill a reissue w/ stuff if its less flat or does it keep that appearance?

  2. it keeps that appearance Iluvbags!

  3. ok thanks. I wanted to try to stuff one of mine just to see but i don't really don't want to put anything in them yet.....:sweatdrop::roflmfao: I want to just look at them. LOL
  4. I don't find my reissues flat at all. When I do stuff my 226, the closure will turn and open on its own. I try not to stuff it afterwards.
  5. The reissue is my smallest bag. I can fill it, and it's always flat. It it starts to bulge... it's overstuffed.
  6. thanks:tup: