Does PS has authenticity card?

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  1. I recently bought a smoke wallet (no embossed logo on hardware) which c/w an authenticity card. Then I realized the keepall that got about one year ago (embossed logo) doesn't has its authenticity card. Are your bags c/w the card? I'm just wondering why my keepall doesn't have! I bought it from a trusted seller. But it's too late to check with her now since the bag is with me more than one year.
  2. Hi, your Keep All should be ok because PS started using the card for fall 2013. I think it came with the changes to the hardware logo and the lining. Perhaps it could be easier to get repairs etc done to the newer bags with the card.
  3. Thanks for your information! It cleared my doubt about my Keep All :smile: I like my smoke wallet very much too but a bit disappointed about its zero embossed logo :sad: I hope it's quality is better than earlier version.