Does ProActive really work?

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  1. hello ladies and gents,
    i was wondering if i could get some feedback regarding the ProActive solutions. my boyfriend is considering using it and although my skin isn't that bad i'd love to use it if it's going to improve my skin.
    any thoughts/comments/input? does it work?
    thank you!! :p
  2. I have used it on and off for the last several hubby too. I do think it works. My skin isn't bad...just the occasional breakout.
  3. I've had acne off and on.

    I used it for several years. It seemed to work for a while, but then did nothing for me.
  4. I agree with EmilyK, I used it for about 5 years. It worked through my high-school days, and then just randomly one day stopped working, so after still trying it for a year or so with no good effects, I stopped.
  5. I think it works. I was breaking out for awhile and used it for a few months exclusively. I stopped b/c I think was hormonal or stress and my skin is pretty okay. I still have the mask that I use off and on, as well as the lotion instead of anything else for breakouts.

    I had a friend that I told about it and she was taking prescription meds for acne and had always had it. Her skin cleared up and started looking really great after two weeks or so.
  6. It worked really well for me for awhile, but it's VERY drying. Their green tea moisturizer is a joke. It's just a runny gel, so I don't see how it could really moisturize anyone's skin. I was just using the cleanser and then mixing a tiny bit of the lotion with cetaphil cream. Suddenly it stopped working and it took a long time to get my skin to settle down again. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive or dry skin :shrugs:

    If you're going to buy it, I recommend getting it through QVC. They have a good return policy and they have inexpensive travel sets as well as individual versions of all the products. All of the other places I've seen make you enroll for a club where you get a set each month...
  7. i have seen ProActive stands at the mall. do they make you enroll in a plan if you buy it from them?
    thanks for all your responses so far ladies, keep them coming!
  8. I bought it at the mall a couple of months ago and didn't have to enroll in anything. Not sure about buying online but I don't think you have to do anything specific there either. I think QVC sells it too and you can sign up for auto-delivery or something. I have been using it for about 3 months and I think it has definitely improved my skin, which wasn't terrible but very prone to breaking out. Though it's not the "miracle cure" I hoped it would be! (But what is?! Someone let me know if you find it!) I still get a few break outs sometimes, but not as much as before I used proactive. Hope that helps!
  9. Hey ladies! This is my first post outside of the Marc Jacobs and LV forums, but I love beauty stuff, so I thought I'd just jump right in!

    I have been a pro-active devotee for years now and I LOVE it. I have found though, that you MUST use it twice a day in order to see the full effects. Even now, if I only use it once a day for a couple of days (like say if I get lazy) I will notice a small breakout. But I really swear by this stuff. For me, it's been awesome.
  10. It works but it's harsh on your face. At first, the exfoliating effect of the cleanser makes your skin really smooth, then it feels really dry and raw and aging after that. At least for my friends and I...
    I use their mask once in a while and it works wonders, but I stick with more gentle stuff for daily use.
  11. If I use ProActiv more than once a day, then my skin gets really dry and I get these huge pimples all over my face. Then I have to stop using the cleanser until those settle down.

    However, after a little trial and error I figured out that I was over-using it and needed to only use it once a day. I normally use it at night, and I use a moisturizing cleanser in the morning. I also use the repairing lotion and their toner at night only. I have had really bad acne for the last 15 years and this finally got rid of it! I still have an occassional small breakout, but that is to be expected!
  12. It works but it severely dried out my skin. I agree with cola, the product can be very harsh on your skin.

    I stopped using Proactiv about a year and half ago. Not worth it, jmo.
  13. I tried it for a few days, but realized that I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. I couldn't even open my mouth, my face was so swollen. I'm probably part of a small minority, but just make sure to do a test run on a smaller area of your/his face before you jump right in!
  14. ^ Wow, that's terrible! You should probably avoid most acne products then. I get the same reaction from AHAs so I have to be really careful what I use.
  15. I've used pro-Active for the last 2 years... and it totally cleared up my face. I get compliments on my skin from time to time. I've since stopped using the toner & cleanser .. and only the Repairing lotion before my moisturizer.. and it's worked great. If you decide to use pro-activ give it a last 3-5 months of non-stop usage before deciding whether or not it works. ;)