Does Prada make a wristlet?

  1. I wanted to get my girlfriend something fun for finishing her PhD. She's a mother of two though, so I thought a wristlet would be fun yet practical given her current lifestyle. Does Prada even make a wristlet? Their web site doesn't load for me and my Google searches have not been fruitful. Is there another term I should search with?

    Does anyone have another suggestion?

    I'm grateful for your expert guidance.
  2. Hi! Go to and look there for ideas before I buy my Prada...Pradas website isnt up and running.....
  3. off topic:
    since you mentioned Prada's site not up and running..does anyone know when Fendi's site will be up and running???
  4. You can also try calling a Prada store, or a store that carries Prada. My local Neiman's (in Tyson's Galleria) has a lot of Prada, as does the Saks.
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