Does prada do refurbishment or polishing work for vintage prada bags?

  1. I Have a vintage piece that is really turning greenish (gold hardware tarnishing) and the nylon is feeling quite dirty.. Does prada do any such cleaning servicing or we have to bring to mybagspa type services?

  2. The short answer is yes. However you may want to take the bag to a Prada store for them to advise on what services they can offer, what the cost is and how long it might take. I've heard some horror stories of bags being left for repair/repolishing and nothing happening for months, then the bag being returned to the owner having never left the store!!!! Or you could contact and make enquiries through there. Be aware that if you contact them through the email address, English is not their first language so choose your wording accordingly, and be prepared for the reply to be in a very formal tone. HTH
  3. thank you so much! can i still drop an email to the above address even though i'm in Singapore?
  4. I don't think they do cleaning services. However, they can replace hardware and zippers for a fee. Bags are sent to Hong Kong for repairs from the last time I enquired. Not sure if it's the same now.

  5. Yes - it's Prada's email address for client services. Tell them where you are and what you want done.
  6. just sent them an email! u are an angel! :smile: thank u!
  7. I'm glad to see this post! The bronze bag I just bought had a small tear at the leather tag. Not sure if prada can replace it. My bag is just a few days old and I don't think I cause this defect =(

    I have include a pic for reference. Do the rest of you have this problem with the 'luggage tags'?


  8. ::::gasp::::: oh no not your lovely new bag! wth is going on with Prada quality with these saffiano bags? I always thought that saffiano was very durable :confused1:
  9. ^ Saffiano is durable...looks like this was bad from the get-go....Very interested to hear how Prada responds to repair work...please keep us updated!!!
  10. I called prada Singapore- they only do repair or servicing , like replacement of straps etc.

    No cleaning services- they referred me to le shine or Colorwash , and at customers own discretion..

  11. Ditto that.
  12. I went to prada to replace the tag, not just once but 2 times in 2 days!
    Those tag straps tear sooo easily! The SA spent quite a moment getting one without a defect! I wonder if other saffiano bags have same problem or its only for this bronze material :wacko:

  13. Well, if saffiano is so durable how can it tear so easily? And why should it take quite a moment to find one that would pass inspection, i.e. not be flawed? :confused1:
  14. AW! What is going on with prada?
    Well my tag didn't have any rips but it's about one year in and my bag is starting to slouch on the sides and the opening of the bag is starting to stretch, it doesn't even have any zippers!... The safiano leather is slowly becoming softened and my BN1844 is losing its shape! Any advice ?!?! : )
  15. Omg! My prada bag came back after its spa and it looks almost new!

    See before and after pics!!!
    image-4000701879.png image-2998968853.png image-320424081.png