Does PP and Ebay stand behind your "Payment due within.."

  1. Or is it based on the rules eBay sets?

    If I don't make sense then here's the situation:

    I sold a couple things the past few days and in my auctions I state the payment needs to be rec'd by me within a day of the auction ending.

    My buyer has yet to pay and it's literally the 23rd hour as I type. Do I have the right to relist as soon as the 24 hour period has ended?

    I've attempted to contact the buyer yesterday through email and through an invoice. No response today or yesterday. I'm guessing a couple things may have happened- the buyer used my BIN option and realized they didn't have the money or the buyer's account was stolen (it's weird b/c I was talking to another tPFer about this earlier this week!). I say that the account may be stolen b/c the last thing they bought was in August.

    It doesn't help the situation that the buyer bought TWO of my items and the total is quite significant. :sad:
  2. I always require payment within 3 days on all my auctions as well. Unfortunately, sellers can't claim a NPB with E-bay until 7 days after the auction closes and even then you have to allow for more time until eBay attempts to contact the buyer and give them a "reminder" that they need to pay....blah, blah blah. Ultimately, you end up having to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before you can be refunded your listing fees. I had to file for non-payment only once and I HATED it. The bag was over $1000 and so the fees were too much for me not to wait the required time.

    So to answer your question (sorry I got a little carried away): No you can't relist the item NO MATTER WHAT requirements you have listed in your auction. If you do and the buyer finally does pay you (within the 7 days), you would end up suffering the consequences (item not received strike, etc). The only thing I'm not certain of is how some sellers get that little "immediate payment required" listed below the bidding price? :confused1: That might be something you would want to look into.............................;)
  3. I think eBay allows for payment in 7 days, no matter what you put in your listing.

    If you truly believe the account was hijacked, you should contact eBay though.
  4. Since eBay allows the buyer 7 days to pay, you can't override their system by saying you require payment within 1 day. Personally, I think requiring payment within 1 day is a bit aggressive unless you're worried about the legitimacy of your buyer. Is that the case?
  5. i think maybe 24 hours is not enough time for some people to pay within though, i would say 3 days ish
  6. Thank you- your answer is appreciated. :flowers:

    I have been chatting with Ebay this morning and they've told me that I can relist and if the buyer does pay me I will have to refund and direct them to the new listing. They can leave me neg. FB but I can dispute it b/c of what's stated in my listing.

    And- I sometimes do the 'immediate payment' but I also understand that people need to get funds together and it takes time....

    7 days is the rule though:yes:- but I'm relisting today- and- the Ebay agent I've been chatting with has reported the ID for 'further investigation'
  7. :yes:
  8. Yes - 1 day may seem aggressive but it's a lot more lenient than the BIN and the 'Immediate payment required' attached to it.

    My buyer has not contacted me- not even after the sale either- you'd think they'd be super excited to have these two items on their way to them- I mean, if I was in their shoes I'd be telling my seller the payment time window.

    I have the gut feeling though that the account was stolen.
  9. UPDATE:

    As the saying goes- 'STICK WITH YOUR GUT'

    The account was stolen and Ebay removed my listing and has credited my account with the fees involved. Ebay emailed me this long letter on behalf of the bidder who told them she never did BIN the items yesterday.

    I knew there was something fishy. Darnit!
  10. ^^^^I know it may be a pain but I do put immediate payment required on all my BIN's..and I put in my listings to contact me if they would like to pay another way..helps to weed out the nuts/not serious bidders
  11. I personally don't think BIN with immeadiate payment is a pain. If you want to BIN it should be paid for immeadiately. If you would like a few days to get the funds together than you should bid on the auction if that is an option. I only use BIN for items that I would like to sell right away instead of waiting 2-3 days for the auction to end. I assume anyone using BIN wants to recieve it right away as well.
  12. I think that requiring payment within 24 hours is fine - that is what I require on my auctions. After all, it is an auction. Virtual or not. If you were at a real live auction, you must pay as soon as you are physically ready to leave the auction premises. BTW, just because I "require" payment within 24 hours, that doesn't mean that I receive the payments. Generally, I do though. I think the longer period of time that you allow for payment, the more sketchy the buyers. JMO.
  13. Good thing you weren't ripped off! Sorry to hear of the hassle, though. I hope you have legitimate buyers next time around!
  14. Good........great that it was caught.

    I always do immediate payment on all of my designer high dollar items. Anyone really interested will have a CC to pay thru paypal today tomorrow or immediately. Saves me the NPB headaches.

    Btw, I have never had a buyer ask me if they could pay any other way. I would looove money orders since paypal fees make me :sick:. LOL!
  15. nope not really. they just kind of only care when the seller makes a stink.