Does pochette metis empreinte leather have quality issue too?

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  1. I am planning to get a PM in empreite leather, does it have glazing issue too?

    If it happens, can I just bring it to the boutique even if I didn't buy it there? What if I bought the bag overseas?

  2. You can check out the Pochette Metis clubhouse to see which issues there are with the PM. Empreinte seems to have a lot less problems compared to the canvas models.
    If or when the bag is in need for repairs you can bring it to the LV store where you live, it does not matter if it is bought overseas.
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  3. The glazing issue should be resolved for the newly made bags. The bags that were made around 2014 - 2016 had the glazing issue. They now have new formula used in their glazing. My newer emp items look good.
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  4. I think this is right. I had a 2016 bag that I had reglazed. The old glazing is a bit waxy while the new one is a bit rubbery, if that makes sense.
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  5. I have the PM in noir empreinte. (The first batch of empreinte PMs). No glazing issues so far. Except for the normal slight wear & tear in the front pocket corner, it looks as good as I first purchased it just a little softer :smile:
  6. Yes, they have quality issues too, maybe a little bit less then Canvas.
    I have sold my PM after 2 months (boughz at the end of 2017)!
    I couldn‘t accept the quality issues.
  7. I wasn't happy with mine so I sent it back, not because of the glazing but because it just looked poor quality and the lock was sticky and difficult to close.
  8. My noir is a year old this month. No issues, glazing or otherwise. Still looks great.
  9. This makes me less worried haha how often do you use your pm?
  10. The only issues I read around here are scratched hardware, misalignment and uneven ebossing right? Or Are there other issues that I am not aware of?
  11. There are also some empreinte pm’s popping up with glazing issues.(you can check the pochette metis clubhouse for lots of information on the bag and its issues)
  12. I pretty much used it exclusively from last October until February, then just started back up again last week- we finally got fall weather!
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  13. That's great!! I'm looking to use mine daily so this is fantastic news! Haha
  14. I have two and no issues at all
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  15. Ok :smile: thanks for the info