Does placement on Date Codesin Cabas Mezzo change?

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  1. I found a bag I really want and am a little ::iffy:blink: :: about where the date code is placed. So I emailed the seller and she said that the codes are supposed to be hidden ,hard to find and change from year to year, model to model. Is this true? The bag is a Cabas Mezzo and the tag looks like this
    I thought the Date Code was on the back of the d-ring only from what I saw in the other forums about this?
  2. I don't own CM so I don't know where it should be located.But I know that the placement of the date codes don't change from year to year:blink: ,lots of models still have their date codes on the same place since it was first introduced.
  3. Do you have more pics of the bag? The font on this is fatter than most I've seen... but I could be wrong.
  4. My Cabas Mezzo code is located inside the open pocket on the side.
  5. Hi LV Mama! What happened to the LV ban, hmmm? Hahaha. :lol:
    Give me a minute and I'll post a pic of mine for you.
  6. Ok..mine was purchased nearly 2 years ago and the code is located on the D-ring on the inside.
    As far as I know (I could always be wrong about it though), the code from that bag is wrong, as the newer 2 pocketed inside was only recently introduced. The stamping and size of the lettering looks a bit off but do you have any other pictures of the bag?
  7. Well I found the auction and the seller seems to be trustworthy..all positive feedback, not selling multiples of the same item. So I don't know...she seems ok but the printing on the code looks weird. Maybe coldplaylover can take a picture of the code that's inside the pocket of hers? I haven't seen the newer codes that are on the inside of the pocket since I got mine awhile ago so it would be hard to make a judgment, for me.
  8. ummm..ummm...oh....uh...a purse ban, did i say that..LOL...:roflmfao:
    oh yeah, that was me huh?! didn't i say i needed help..... :sos:
  9. Haha. Yes it was, tsk, tsk! :lol:
    If you buy this bag, it's a good thing it's already can tell your husband you've had it for awhile and carried it before lol.
  10. if he finds out all the LV stuff i've bought lately, he'll be on the news with his sign outside doing this ======>
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  11. checked out the auction... she looks trustworthy enough. i know some girls have datecodes starting with VI-- maybe they used a different font. hopefully they'll see yr thread.

    another suggestion would be to pay $5 and get mypoupette to authenticate it for you.
  12. The fonts are really big. I've never seen any LV bags that have a date code font like that. I agree, go to my poupette to have it authenticated. It's worth it.
  13. This date code is from my vernis bedford and it starts with VI.But then again as the girls said it's worth it to get it authenticated by mypoupette for peace of mind:smile: DSC02572.JPG
  14. Thank You to all of you :flowers: .

    I did email it to MyPoupette and we'll see what they say. I went to this site too that I aw somewhere in the PF.
    They have the same info about date codes on that site as the seller does on her auction. I bought from the person who put up that site and her bag was great & real.