Does PetSmart Abuse their animals?

  1. Oh gosh I hope not, I get my babies food their and if they are I would totally not go there is just closer for me, but I would protest till I was blue in the face!
  2. That's crazy....
  3. I hope not either..that's where I purchased my cat.
  4. I'm all for the welfare of animals, but I don't know if I personally trust ANYTHING that PETA says.
  5. ^^^That's why I posted it was a Peta investigation. Everyone can decide for themselves. Like I said, the video is pretty disturbing.
  6. i'm iffy about petsmart AND petco- if possible- try to find a mom and pop store- preferably a place that only sells products. If it is within your budget look up some of the great places online- anyone with birds, bunnies, or other smaller creatures- PM me if you want some great places!
  7. I hope as a company they wouldn't condone the abuse of any animals. However, after watching (some) of the video, I am very disturbed by how they warehouse the animals that are not in the store. No animal should be neglected or left sick or for dead.

    Happily, I purchased my conure from them several years ago, and she was healthy and happy and the employee who worked with me was wonderful with her.

    I do prefer to go to independent pet shops now, the people there seem to be much more interested in the welfare of the animals, it's not just a job for them. Petsmart's prices are not any lower than any other shop I go to, so I don't bother with them anymore.
  8. I have heard this. I think it applies to their small animals for sale (gerbils, birds, etc) and not the dogs/cats available for adoption by private groups that operate inside the store.

    I believe it, too. I have seen some unhealthy animals at some Petsmarts, and Petcos, too

    I think its important to report any animal cruelty if you do happen to see it in a store

  9. Agreed! :tup:
  10. I worked at a competitor chain petstore in college one summer, and it was disturbing to me how little the other employees cared about the small animals. For instance, if the hamsters got respiratory infections, the manager would not treat them (but he would treat ferrets and bunnies) because he didn't think it was worth it to treat the hamsters. The store also did not separate out male and female hamsters, so if the hamster had been there a little while, eventually all the females would be pregnant. The manager did not see any problem in selling pregnant females to unsuspecting customers -- his attitude was they were getting a great deal (and anyone who knows anything about golden hamsters knows they are solitary animals and cannot be kept in a cage together).

    *warning you may find the next part disturbing*

    I went to clean out the hamster area one morning and a female had given birth in the tank and the babies had been eaten. I found a dead baby hamster stuck in the fur of another hamster. After that, the manager let me put the pregnant females in 10-gallon tanks in the back room and take care of them and their babies until the babies were old enough to sell. I was the only one who cared enough to even pay attention, though.
  11. Anyway, I guess my point is that in part the treatment of the animals depends on the individuals who work in a particular store. I have no doubt that some stores are bad and others are great.
  12. I don't know what to think about it. I'm a bit iffy about anything PETA puts out.

    I think it's always the case when you buy a pet from a pet store or a pet supplies chain. You don't know where they came from or whether their mothers have been treated humanely.

    Like kittens and puppies, your best bet would be to adopt one from a shelter.

    Just looking at the Toronto Humane Society's web site, in the Adopt an Animal section, there are three categories: Dogs, Cats and Other Animals.
  13. I worked at Petco for one day. The "sick animals" were housed in the bathroom. And by housed I mean crammed cages in there. I remember peeing and looking at a sick lil' yellow canary who was in a tiny cage and he did not look like he was going to last long. I never came back the next day.