does perfo cles come in fuschia?

  1. i was looking on eluxury and they're only showing green and orange as options. do you know if it was an option in the past or if it can be custom ordered?
  2. it comes in it, I guess call the LV toll free # to see if they can locate one for you....they are limited edition so you would not be able to custom order...
  3. thanks lola!
  4. Yeah it does come in fuchisa, sometimes eluxury sells out of certain colors, that's why they don't show up. I don't really think elux got many fuchsia pieces to begin with though.
    Anyway, do like Lola said and call the Vuitton hotline..there's bound to be fuchsia cles' out there in a few stores.
  5. yes it comes it fuchsia, although when i called they said there is 2 left in the country and once they all finish there will me no more made :sad:
  6. here in Mexico stores I´ve seen 4. I thought it only came in orange and green, but I dont think 866 vuitton (is that the number) can ship 2 u one from here. I´d love that service would be available here, I´d get a panda cles!
  7. I wanted the pink too. Just got off the phone with 866 VUITTON and there is no pink available. Even though LE item the season is not over for that particular line so more may become available. She took my name and # and is going to get back to me with the info and if able to locate one. hth
  8. Didn't someone just post in the last week that one of these were found in Indiana? I believe they are far and few in between, if there are any left.
  9. Yeah..if there are any, there aren't all that many left but I'm sure there are still a couple.
    My SA told me that the fuchsia was the most popular color and was selling out quicker.
    I believe it, too, because my store still has the orange Speedy in the window and the NM has the other smaller pieces in green and orange.
  10. good luck with finding one! I just got mine a couple days ago, I had to have it shipped from Puerto Rico because there weren't anymore left in the US...but you never know you could get lucky!!! GOOD LUCK!
  11. yeah i got mine from indiana and when i spoke to her she said there was 2 left mine and the one is puerto rico