Does Paypal tell you who won the dispute claim?

  1. Backstory: I sold a $500 item on eBay, a week later buyer files unauthorized purchase claim. 3 weeks later Paypal closes case.

    I received an email from Paypal stating that the case was closed and to log in to view details of the case. When I did, no details whatsoever, just says closed.

    The money was released back to me few days before it officially closed. I called to remind them I had sellers protection which they agreed I qualified for. But I dont have anything in writing saying so. I also want to know if the buyer won his case so I'm not blindsided by a cc chargeback in the future, if he did lose.
  2. Looks like the buyer changed his/her mind and close the case. You did get your money, right?
  3. No, I got the money cause of seller protection not because they dropped the case. The Pp agent I last spoke to even thanked me for using seller protection. Never any mention of buyer dropping case so not sure how you came to that conclusion.

    I just want something in writing saying I won the dispute due to seller protection or whatever.
  4. Sometimes, when a buyer says their credit card was used fraudulantly, all the recent charges are subject to chargebacks. Once the buyer tells the credit card company the charge was authorized the case is closed.
  5. This dispute was through Paypal only. They investigated for 3 weeks (normally 7-10 days) and closed the case.

    So I am not understanding how you came to the conclusion that the buyer mustve dropped the claim??????

  6. I am not sure if they give you anything in writing...

    If you go to the resolution page & you see the funds depositied

    in your account & the case says closed, that s all they do..

    There is no formal letter that acknowledges your case was won due to

    seller protection or any other reason..that has been my experience

    You know that eBay/pp never give an explanation...
  7. oh ok.
  8. They will not tell you whether or not PP successfully fought the chargeback, the buyer dropped the claim, or the buyer won the chargeback and PP covered you.