Does Paypal Pay Seller Immediately??? Help, Please!

  1. Just won an item on eBay and used Paypal to pay immediately with my credit card. Well, I then got this email from the seller who said she is not shipping right away:

    "Hi there, unfortunately I received an email form paypal that says it will take 2-3 days for me to receive the monies, I don't know why it takes so long when I made my payment it went through immediately. I,m not sending anything until I have the monies, I have done some shopping on eBay and II had to wait, till my check cleared. so sorry."

    So, my question is.....does the seller REALLY have to wait to get her money from Paypal? No other seller in all my years of buying on eBay has given me this story. They are usually thrilled that I pay immediately and so they ship immediately. Well, I'm confused. I certainly do not expect a seller to ship without getting the money but I thought it was instantaneous. Please, please advise me since I don't know if I now have a problem seller.
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  2. It takes 2-3 days to clear into their bank account, but usually a credit card transfer is instant to them.
  3. Yes, I thought using Paypal that a credit card transfer was an instant payment to a seller. And, I used a credit card. So, do you think she is giving me a song and dance? Should I be concerned?
  4. You are still protected by paypal if you don't get the item, but I don't really know of a good reason for a seller to do this. Is she new?
  5. If it's a high end item, I sometimes wait to ship until the money is transfered out of my Paypal account and into my personal bank account. This way if the card is lost/stolen, or if the buyer tries to do a chargeback, I won't be out the money and the item.
  6. The seller is a newbie. She has bought 4 items and my scarf is her first sale! She also has a problem with English so perhaps she is confused. She claims Ebay sent her an email saying she would get the funds in 2 to 3 days. That's nuts I think and hard to believe since I paid her through Paypal and used my credit card. Wow, I've bought from new sellers before and never had this problem.
  7. She may not understand that the money doesn't automatically go into her bank account, it stays in her paypal account until she physically transfers it herself. Do you think you could explain that to her?

    Or maybe she did transfer the money, and she's just going to wait until it gets into her account. Either way, I wouldn't worry yet.
  8. If I am upset over this as her first buyer, I cannot imagine other buyers will be thrilled with her as a seller if she continues to do this. I've tried explaining to her but since she does not have a great command of English she apparently understands absolutely nothing. Fortunately, I used my AMEX card so I know I will be protected. But, I really did want this scarf since I've been waiting over a year for the design. In the auction she said it was in perfect unused condition. I hope she's right and there are no problems. By the way, I think she got someone to write her auction because her poor writing does not match the good auction writing. Rats, all I wanted was a simple, hassle free buying experience. :hysteric: