Does PayPal impose monthly withdrawal limits?

  1. I'm definitely not a newbie to eBay, but this one stumped me. The seller of auction #220047954281 (LV bag and wallet) told me she is not going to take paypal for her auction because of the high fees (well, I can understand that one) but also because paypal will only allow her to withdraw $500 per month from her account. Has anyone heard of this or is the seller lying?

    Since she will only take money orders and checks, I asked her if she would use a 3rd party escrow service. She said no, so I told her I would not be bidding on her auction (I lost a lot of money once by sending a buyer a money ordere and I never got my bag).
  2. A week or so ago I went to PayPal to complete an auction (I was the seller.) As soon as I signed in I had a message saying I had reached my monthly withdrawal limit, and I had two choices-either provide additional ID or change the type of membership I have with PayPal. Because I initiated the correspondence (ie went to PayPal as opposed to answering something from them), and because I've read so much about PayPal in this forum, it made sense, more $ from me to them as a seller. I am verified and have had an account for 6 years-I was unnerved but I do remember thinking I didn't want to/couldn't change the type of seller I was-now having read this, I think I should go back and look. In answe to your question, though, I believe they do have a legitimate withdrawal limit for various tiers of sellers-they also have a very long and wordy path when you have a question-hope this helps!