Does Paris really carry fake handbags?

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  1. You guys are so right ...she just doesn't give a hoot.

    You know she has enough money for "her people" to get her the real deal.
  2. i saw that MTV TRL episode where the vj asked paris to distinguish a fake bag from a real bag. she did get some wrong. although i saw that episode, i never knew till now that i read on this thread that paris hilton carried fakes. if i saw a LV bag that she carried that LV doesn't make, i would assume it's a special order. how do you know that LV doesn't take special orders for MC? not even for celebrities? wow, i always thought they (or any other company) would cater to them. maybe she or other celebrities aren't aware of fakes b/c they're so busy w/ their famous lives? i dunno. i'm shocked. if they can afford anything, they wouldn't care how much things are.
  3. Nope not even for celebrities. LV won't just do ANYthing for you just because you're famous.
    But believe me, if they DID, it would look SO much better than that ugly thing she carries. Those can be bought on ioffer and ebay and on Canal St. for about $15. An AUTHENTIC one would be gorgeous and so much more detailed than that. And besides being completely off in the colors, that bag (which is known as a Papillon), is NOT a shoulder bag that hangs down that low normally.
    All the LV fans around here know their stuff and know that Paris is doing the fashion house a terrible disservice by carrying that atrocity.

    But then again, she's rich Miss Paris Hilton and can do anything she no one should dare question the authenticity her bags. :rolleyes:
  4. Here's an example for the non-believers here..
    THIS is the POS she carries...notice the color scheme:

    And THIS is the color scheme of an authentic bag:

    There's such a difference between the real thing and that thing she carries that it's not even funny.
  5. Ask around... ask LV gurus around here and they'll tell you the same thing... LV DOES NOT ACCEPT SPECIAL REQUEST ORDERS FOR ANYTHING IN MC. The same goes for car interiors. A few celebs are seen with LV car interiors, which LV does not do. So if you see an LV car interior, it is fake.

    LV does not special order:
    -Anything in MC
    -Small leather goods

    LV does not do car customizations.
  6. ^^ I had a feeling that LV didn't do car interiors. My sister was watching MTV Cribs and some rapper (don't remember who) had an LV ragtop on his vintage Impala. I told my sister he probably had it made from bolts of canvas purchased from Chinatown, because I doubted LV would do such a thing. My sister couldn't understand that, because the guy is so rich. Thanks for confirming what I already suspected.
  7. :yes:
  8. Rebecca and John, damn you guys are on top of it :biggrin: WTG you auth-ing twins!
  9. Yes, some LV rep confirmed to the news reporters that the bikini Paris wore was fake.
  10. Lol thanks mew! Sometimes I think we love LV maybe TOO much :roflmfao:

    And thanks, cola, for adding that! I hadn't heard about the LV rep confirming that it was fake. Was it on your local news?
  11. wow, thanks for clearing things up. i learn new things all the time from this forum :smile:. i really always thought b/c celebrities are who they are, that companies like LV would customize anything for them. now i know the truth. i bet paris thinks the rest of us are clueless and wouldn't know that her stuff are fake anyway, so she carries it like it's real. she should read this forum! you guys are good!
  12. Lol no problem. I honestly don't think Paris could care at all, which is really unfortunate.
    And even so, she'd probably just think it was hilarious that people care so much about bags and whether they're real or not. Sigh. :rolleyes: :lol:
  13. i didnt even know she carried fake LV bag lol... guess that shows that im not into LV that much :P ...though its Paris... shes rich and probably dont care about it :biggrin:
  14. So are the car seats in Danity Kane's Showstopper video fake?

    I thought it was Diddy's car and that he'd had a special order!