Does Paris really carry fake handbags?

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  1. I've read on a couple of threads that Paris's bags are fake. Can that be true? That doesn't make sense to me.:confused1: Do any of you have pictures of her carrying a fake and how can you be sure. Why would she carry a fake when she can obviously afford the real thing?
  2. YES! I'm sure that most of the bags that she carries are real but I have seen her with 2 fake LV bags before. There is a pic of her on the red carpet with a fake multicolor papillon style Louis Vuitton bag (LV does not make) and I've also seen a screenshot of her on The Simple Life with a fake Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Alma. It's actually funny to see. But who cares? She can afford ANY authentic designer bag she wants! :P
  3. Can someone please post the pictures of this! I would LOVE to see!
  4. maybe she carries fakes because the style or design she wants the designers dont make.. some fakes are actually very good quality and costs a fair bit too
  5. Absolutely. The most glaring example is her MC Papillion, as mentioned above- not only are the colors are all off, but LV has never produced such a model.
  6. Can it be it is custom ordered, made just for her??
  7. If you browse the "Celebrities with LVs" thread in the LV forum, you find the pics of Paris with her fake MC Pap (LV never made one, and this one had wrong colors to boot) and MC wallet. There's also a pic of Nicky Hilton carrying a fake dalmation bag in there.
  8. She has also been spotted wearing a fake LV MC bikini.
  9. Yes..this has been discussed quite a bit. Just because she has money does NOT mean everything she has is absolutely guaranteed to be real. To make that assumption would be pretty flawed. Sometimes incredibly rich people don't CARE who makes their bags, they just carry whatever their stylist shoves at them.
    And also on that note, Nicole Richie has been seen carrying a fake Balenciaga. There was discussion of that on the Balenciaga board recently.
  10. Yes but LV does NOT special order anything in the multicolore line and it would look NOTHING like that crappy fake she's been seen carrying that only has about 6 colors compared to LV's 33 colors.
  11. :yucky: :yucky: I simply don't get it???
  12. I TOTALLY don't get it?
    I mean come on, the hotels have her name on it?? do you think she just didn't know?
  13. She doesn't care. If you read the first link I posted, someone posted a comment about how she was on a show one time and didn't know fake LVs even existed. Now she doesn't even care whether they're fake or not which is truly pathetic.
    This is from the 3rd page of the first link I posted:
    "I remember a while back when i was watchin TRL on MTV they had Paris Hilton. They gave her a little test on LV bags. They had a fake and a real LV bag. They asked her to point out the fake one and she stared at them for a long time and pointed to the real one.
    And then she said something like, "they make fake LVs?"
    I was shocked I thought she'd know a fake from a real. But I guess not."
  14. Agreed! Paris carries fakes, she doesn't care, LV doesn't customize/special order anything in MC, end of story.