Does owning Designer Bags makes you happy ?

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  1. Don't get me wrong .... I currently own 15 designer bags and many more other non designer bags.

    I am still coveting a couple of higher end LVs which I will probably purchase end of this year.

    But I am thinking sometimes whether owning all these expensive things really make one happier ..... or is it just the high we get from the pursuit of obtaining the ONE.

    I love bags ... but I used to be happy NOT being in love with bags too ....

    Sometimes really expensive bags stress me out esp my Suhali and sometimes I feel like I can enjoy myself more with my $300 Mimco that I can carry without care.

    Sometimes when I take my niece out I carry my 'cheaper' bags because I can't cope with their sticky fingers touching the vachettas of my BVs ...

    If I don't own any of these bags will my life be any different ?

    Probably not much .... who really cares ?

    But then again why do I still want to buy them all the time ?
  2. Yes, my bags definitely make me happy, but to an extent. I love fashion, and having access to high-end designer fashions is a privilege, and a luxury. Any girl that's into fashion would love to be able to afford your LV, and it just goes to show how lucky you are, or maybe how hard you've worked. It's easy to lose touch with what it means to have a $2000 bag on your arm, but think back to your first and how excited you were- it's probably because before then you had deemed them unattainable and only dreamed of owning one. But yes- it is just a bag, if you're wealthy enough to feel that way about it, but to all the girls who still only dream of owning one, it's much more than that.
  3. No. Granted there are things I like, but they are just that: Things. I learned a long time ago that no purchased object could truly make me happy (at least not for longer than a few days at a time). People, relationships and interactions make me happy; things don't. Again, that doesn't mean that I don't sometimes enjoy purchasing something nice, whether it is a bag, a pair of shoes, a dress or a piece of jewelry. But those things do not bring happiness in the long run.
  4. Material things should not make you happy, my handbags, clothes, jewelry etc. do not "make" me happy, the people in my life and experiences make me happy. If I ever get to the point where it is the things I acquire that make me happy, then I have a problem. Owning nice things is fun, but it does not shape my mood or personality. The only thing in my life that I actually paid money for that make me truly happy is my dogs!!!
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    I agree with HauteMama and Danieli.

    My bags do not make me happy. My family and the life experiences I have with them makes me much happier. I enjoy hunting/shopping for the bags but they don't make me feel any better or happier long term. They are just bags.

    I've seen several threads where people are debating between going on vacation or buying a bag. knowing me, going on holiday with the family wins hands down all the time.
  6. Totally agree with you girls. :smile:

    Bags are just stuff... I think from the few months I've been on tPF, I've learned that family + friends > bags. Emotional attachment over a bag might exist (because it could be your first designer bag or whatever), but it's still only a bag.
  7. No, they don't make me happy. They're the spice, not the meat.
  8. No. It's a hunk of leather and hardware with a designer name tag, to be honest. It's okay to get excited over a handbag or maybe even fall in love with fashion itself, but to me, the most important thing for my source of happiness isn't some bag. It's my health, home, ability to be in college etc. that makes me happy. Things are a million times worse for some people and I sometimes I find myself obsessing over the stupidiest things, when in reality, there are people in the world without a dollar to their name. So, I always tell myself to be thankful for what I have. ;)
  9. For a long time I thought they did but when it really comes down to it, they don't. Don't get me wrong, I love designer bags (collecting, obsessing, shopping for great deals) but I've realized they are just a hobby, albeit a very enjoyable one. What truly makes me happy are my friends and family.

    Also, I don't know if others feel this way too, but I sometimes buy bags/shoes/other luxury goods when I'm feeling down and the boost of happiness they give me is often short-lived.
  11. I have parted with 98% of my designer bags over the last several weeks. I have begun to I want to be more individualistic and not have the same bag that everyone else has. I've gotten tired of it....bag trends. I am becoming more 'me'.
    And in my selling them, there was always a thought in the back of my head of 'what if I freak out if I sell it and regret it?'
    Well, so far, I haven't regretted any of them selling and frankly, it feels good letting them go.
    Bags are bags. They can be repurchased if you truly loved and missed them.
    But so far, so good.
    I'm still quite the happy camper even though my closet isn't filled with so called 'designer bags'.

  12. Oh yes, I've been there.

    Lately I keep reminding myself that I've never regretted leaving something in the store, but I've often regretted bringing things home.
  13. sometimes...but I realise that at the end of the day all things that makes me happy is surrounded by people I love and healthy life.
  14. Nope. They're a visual/physical reminder of how far I've come personally/professionally, since I can afford them now (and to pay cash, which means saving and having a goal), but the feelings of happiness/accomplishment aren't because of the purses. They're because I have worked hard to get to the point where I can spend on something as frivolous as a purse.

    I still mostly buy secondhand, though. The hunt is more fun that way. And it means I have more money left to spend on less frivolous things. I'll still take a vacation over a bag, any day. (The best is when you can combine the two, though!)
  15. I agree that it's a reminder of what I've accomplished professionally and in that way it makes me happy. And I do get a thrill from the chase, I don't like paying retail and I love getting exactly what I want at the right price. But when it comes to choosing between a nice bag or a nice dinner/ vacation with friends/ family, the dinner/ vacation always wins. I would never live on ramen for fashion!