Does overseas Hermes Store still take in waitlist for Hermes Birkin bag??

  1. Jus wonderin if overseas Hermes Store take in waitlist for the Hermes 35 Birkin Bag? In singapore, they stopped quite sometime back as they said they can't even clear those waitlist 3 yrs back.

    Appreciate someone who can guide me:heart:
  2. Celia - I'm afraid it is most unlikely without a prior relationship with that store. :nogood:
  3. Thanks Handybags! In other words, my last resort is to try on eBay...sigh
  4. Oh no Celia - I thought you meant on the phone. If you go to an international store you might get lucky and find one but it really depends on the day.

    Some members have had luck in the Paris store at 24 faubourg St Honore if you ever travel to Europe. But you will need to be flexible on what colour and leather you like.

    If you do decide to go eBay - please use the reputable sellers list we have here as a start and have your potential purchase authenticated through the authenticate this thread.

    Good luck with your hunt. It takes patience and peservence but is worth it in the end. HTH
  5. I was just in Denmark and Sweden and tried to get both stores to take my order for a birkin. The sales associates were polite about it but I ended up getting a message from the managers with an "its not going to happen" email.
  6. Celia, welcome! :flowers: I see you most of the time at Balenciaga forum. Great to see you here!

    It's possible to purchase a birkin overseas if you're lucky. My advice is to always pop into the store when you travel.
  7. Thanks Queenie....appreciate so much for the advice:heart:

    Yes, i always visit balenciaga thread very often but i'm also into chanel & hermes but now i will find some time to visit all.....;)

    Not sure if in Hermes HK is possible since my sis will be goin there for holidaying. Will ask her to check it out then:yes:
  8. But at least the SA are really helpful to check out the bag status for you. THanks for giving me some ideas shld i need to call overseas store to check:heart:
  9. worries...thanks again for the above. It's really helpful at least i have a better idea now. Like u say, really depends on luck since there is no way to choose wat kinda of leather/color i like since it's so hard to find lately.:sad:

    I saw the reputable sellers list and saw the online consignment shop by jemznjewels couture accessories, i think she sell authentic items.:heart:
  10. Hi Celia, don't be discouraged! Handybag is right, when you go overseas, drop by the Hermes store and just ask if they have a Birkin available. I've gotten most of my Birkins that way. Happy hunting!!;)
  11. Wow...whitebirkin...i'm overwhelmed by ur "H" family collection...they are gorgeous....u lucky gal:wlae:

    Thanks again! Hopefully and i guess i will have to be patience until i find one:yes:
  12. I'm sorry to disappoint but from this forum, I read that it's equally difficult too.
  13. I am on the waiting list here in Vienna, VA (northern VA) and i do see that they have international wistlisters. They are in a seperate file than people who live around here. Plus, I think my store here is pretty nice. I didnt have a superior relationship with the store but I got a call before regarding a red 35cm Birkin but when they called the store was closed and when i called back, the bag has already gone to another happy home.
  14. I have had luck getting on the waitlist at 24 faubourg. From my experience this has always been the most excessible store.
  15. yes, i have had the chance to get on the list in st. honore too.