Does "Out of Stock" = "Gone Forever" ???

  1. I want an iPhone case, but they all read "out of stock" online. I know that I can 866 them and probably find one, but I'm not actually getting the phone until March (when my Verizon contract ends).

    I am actually hoping that "out of stock" means "more styles coming soon" but I haven't seen any pics on the Spring/Summer 2008 thread :crybaby:

    Should I buy one now just in case?

  2. I'm sure they'll eventually get more in, but you might call Customer Service and double check with them.
  3. I honestly am thinking that they are holding their stock until the price increase.
  4. I agree think next week's shipment will total replenish stores stock that have seem low since x-mas. They were just waiting for $$$$

  5. Me too! I think alot of the 'out of stock' and 'waitlisted' bags will suddenly appear after the price increase.:idea:
  6. I was wondering the same thing about the cabas piano its out of stock on elux and the lv site and at both lv boutiques by my house.

    Now that I think about it I totally agree with shopsinparis and newcitylady they are probably waiting till after the price increase to "restock"

    I really don't feel like ordering it over the phone from a different store so I guess I'm going to wait till after the price increase now. =/
  7. They will get some more in.
  8. I also asked my SA and she said those iPhone cases will be in stock again soon. I'm waiting for a monogram one.
  9. i jsutc alled 866 and they said no idea when coming...ALL SOLD OUT...:crybaby:
  10. A lot of them have been sold out... A few posted on eBay for those who can't wait :smile:

    I love my case, it's a perfect compliment to the iphone!!
  11. I was looking for the azur 30 for 2 weekson elux. finallyone morning i woke up at 6 and check (yes i'm obsessed) and they had I bought it! By the afternoon came I looked again and it was OOS. I think around price increase time they only release a few out of stock items at a time. I'm sure come next Monday everything will be miraculously replenished.