Does ostrich skin turn darker if kept in storage bag?

  1. I haven't used ostrich in a year or more. Today I took her out for a breather and it seems the entire bag darkened in color.:confused1: It could be that I haven't seen it in daylight for so long that I'm forgetting the. I faintly recall reading somewhere that ostrich darkens when kept in storage and lightens if it 'breaths' in the sun. Experts -- is this true? Should I let it sit next to the window??
  2. Claude at Hermes Madison advised me to keep Ostrich away from sunlight and moonlight to keep it from fading, but never mentioned anything about darkening from being stored. BTW, it's OK to wear it in sunlight and moonlight, just avoid unnecessary exposure.
  3. Talk to H if you cant store it in sunlight or moonlight where the hell are you supposed to store it? A special Barenia lined vault with natural air ventilation derived from the swiss alps and occasional spritzes of Hermessence scents?
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  4. i don't think storage darkens it but sunlight will definitely lighten it (fades).
  5. Haha - I just had visions of an Ostrich Handbag morphing into a supple, hand-stitched werewolf bounding across fields to terrorise a remote country village.
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  6. Oh dear! Was it in its box and sleeper?

    And....well.....lets just say that I am not going to worry about my bags getting too much moon exposure. If they cant handle being out in the full moon, well, feh!!!
  7. Wow, I've never heard of anything inanimate being affected by moonlight except in fairy tales. Quite makes me itch for an ostritch Bolide for full moon nights.
  8. Mee too!!! But it also makes me even more nervous about actual ostriches. :sweatdrop:

    CLV, I cannot say anything meaningful about your bag, but I do know that it is true with some pigments....which are the same materials whether they are used in dyes, or paints...some are fugitive in the sun and others darken in the is an odd characteristic of some colors that they darken. (although I have forgotten which ones...:confused1:) But maybe this is what happened with the bag?

  9. :confused1::shocked:

    Hell dont let it know I am living in a caravan in middle of orchard.

  10. Could the pigment from the storage bag maybe of had an effect long term on the color??

    I think a trip to the spa maybe a good idea and get H opinion
    hope you still love the bag
  11. ^^yes, I was wondering that, when you put bananas in a paper sack....

    ok, well, not like that exactly, but different. pigments reacting, dye shifts, offgassing, etc...lots going on in those orange boxes we dont know about....
  12. this is why we must all use our bags religiously.
  13. OMG LMAO but also YIKES!!!! Ostrich God, I seriously won't sleep for weeks now. Thanks.
  14. What color is it?
  15. That's really strange. I've never known that leather will turn darker in color if it's stored in an enclosed space. I only know that it will lighten if it is exposed to sunlight.

    But I know for sure that any leather bag will go mouldy if I keep it too long in enclosed space in the country where I live :push:.