Does one of your b bags ALWAYS draw compliments?

  1. Do you ever get complements on your Bbags? If so, which ones? The only one I got complements on is my new rouge vif bowling bag!:yahoo: I used her 2 days (so far) and the SA's at Bloomingdale's loved it and I went to a party and many people made a point to tell me they loved the color. I have a caramel '03, black work (and used to have a turq.04) and nobody ever said a word. So, how about you? What bags do you get the most complements on?
  2. The only compliment I received was from Suli at our PF Meeting in D.C. As for random people off the Family
  3. The only people who comment about my B-bags are those who recognize them and know they are "real." I think everyone else assumes they are just another copy--since the fakes are everywhere! :yucky:
  4. ^^^I know! When I used my turq.Bbag some girl said, "Oh- I like your bag I saw it at Filene's Basement". I was like, "NOOO you didn't- this is real and whatever you saw was a copy!". Filene's Basement is a discounted store here.
  5. I've been carrying my black First around and still no compliments from anyone, but my baby cousin. :sad: She's the only one around here that knows about B-bags since I educated her about it. :graucho: Now, I got a few compliments when I carry my rouge 05 Day. Must be the red color that attracts the attn. ;)
  6. my DREAM bag has had the most compliments... "0o0o0o thats a cool colour" and the other day, someone asked me where i go my black city from, coz they said it was cool! :wlae:
  7. When I wore my cornflower box, I always got compliments. I'm expecting the same with my rouge vif!
  8. I get compliments on the colors, which are very noticeable because my general clothing palette is black on black. The people who like the colors don't have a clue what a Balenciaga bag is.
  9. I got a lot of comments on my courier, I think because of its size it draws a lot of attention! I've only had a few people comment on my twiggy, but I see a lot of people looking at it out of the corner of their eyes!
  10. i've gotten compliments on my ink city, mostly on the color. those who have touched it also compliment the soft leather
  11. The only compliments I have ever received have been for my silver box and 05 caramel city.
  12. I get compliments on my pewter weekender, cornflower work, and rouge theatre work. My poor Sapin work doesn't attract any attention and I think it's my best B-bag. :crybaby:
  13. This is a great question! No one has ever said anything about my black first, which I consider the most classic of all my bags. I did have one friend once say something about "drooling" over the caramel twiggy in my avatar, because she knows what it is... no one else around here does, though. I kind of like that though, it's like my little secret!

    I've tried colors that pop more, like cornflower and emerald, but I'm just so neutral with my preferences. So now I think I need a red bag...
  14. Hi,

    I got lots of fabulous compliments on my Emerald Weekender Bag. From SA at Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton Boutique, Toyota Car Service mechanics to Flight Attendants on my trips back and forth between LA and Phoenix...even my Mom.:yahoo: Its a Keeper forever.

    On my Ink Courier...My best friend loved the color and the passenger was sitting next to me on my recent flight to Phoenix adores it.:yahoo:

    Now...Im thinking about getting another Weekender. Blueberry or a new Spring 2007 color might be next.
  15. hmm, my pewter first gets compliments on its color, and my bordeaux has gotten excited gasps (one from me, hehe!)