Does Nordstroms do this?

  1. I know some retailers do put a metal grommet somewhere in the interior to prevent returns. I'm not sure if Nordstroms does, perhaps you could call and ask.
  2. Nordstrom puts a metal gromet in the tags that they sell at the Nordstrom Rack. It's specifically to prevent people from returning the bag to the main store...
  3. I have got to tell you I have never seen a grommet like that in the middle of the tag. What wicked said was probably right though. I'm not a rack shopper which is probably why I have never seen it.

    OT those are some awful pics of that bag. It does it no justice.
  4. I was hoping those pics were bad! I have seen other pics at eluxury that make this purse look so much better. I just wish that I could see it on a person to gage the size! I did ask the seller to provide on though.
  5. I bought a Mia at Neiman's and I didn't see that.
  6. I decided to respond to this because I just dealt with this seller. I can only tell you what I know for gut tells me that what I suspect is true but because I don't have proof, I will not get into all of that.

    This seller contacted me the first time she listed a Mia satchel because I had lost an auction a few days prior by another seller. She must have been watching and kept track of losing bidders. Anyway, I purchased the bag since her feedback was great and I thought I was getting a great deal on a first quality MJ bag. The bag had loose stitching on the zipper, like when it was sewn, the needle missed a couple holes. Also, the gold rings that hold the handles on were not stationery and rolled around exposing sharp little metal pieces. There was a tag on the inside pocket that said "Refurbished $199.00". I emailed her and she said that it was not refurbished, that must have been put there by mistake. She did agree to take the bag back and when I was getting it boxed noticed 199 written on the inside pocket in ink. That is all I will say because that is all I know for sure but I do suspect that she sold me a defective bag that somehow she was able to purchase for $199.00. The bummer thing was that I loved the bag so much I went to Saks and purchased it at full price.
  7. She has been really hard to contact. I had asked her several times to send me pictures of the inside and the zippers. She keeps telling me that she will but never does. I finally took it off of my watch list and will not bid. Thanks so much for your input jlarnold. I had a feeling that something was not right with this seller.