Does Nordstrom offer second cuts markdown??

  1. HI! Does anyone know if Nordstrom offer second cuts markdown??? If so, When??? TIA.
  2. I would LOVE to know the answer to this post also!
  3. i bought two bags on pre sale and my very helpful sales associate said that i should call her two weeks after the official start of the sale to see if there were any further markdowns on sales stock... so i guess this coming wednesday would be the day for further markdowns (at the earliest) but certainly before the end of the month
  4. Yes, they usually start their sale at 33% off items & then will progress with marking them down anywhere from 50-70% off again. I find that they do not announce it but you just have to be persistent & watch the item, they do this online not too sure if it applies to stores
  5. How does the second cut work? Will they give you a price adjustment even if the item you bought is all sold out?
  6. yes, you get a price adjustment assuming the item is still somewhere in the system - i.e. in some store somewhere and has been marked down again. she said she would just look it up on the computer and adjust accordingly... but i think you have 2 weeks from the date you bought it for your adjustment. not sure.
  7. They don't have and official second cut sale like Saks or Neimans but I know they do their additional markdowns around the same time. And they also have a 2 week rule for price adjustments.
  8. Thanks everybody for keep me posted. Hopefully I can get a price adjustment on my Chanel baby animal flap. I heard this lines are going for second markdown at SAks and Neiman Marcus. Anyone just bought a chanel recently?? Please keep me posted with Nordstrom further reduce, especially Chanel.. Thank you.
  9. they do have additional markdowns, I bought a pair of Shelli Seagal heels and next weekend saw them on additional sale and Nordies adjusted the price, no problem. But they still did have the same heels on sale at the time. I wonder if they still adjust the price if the item sold out? My guess is they don't.
  10. Hmm if I missed the 2 week period, do you think I can do a "return" and then "purchase" again?
  11. Yep! You just have to be lucky to get the 2nd cut - the good stuff is usually gone by then!
  12. Has anyone spotted any second cuts on paddington bags at Nordstrom, if there's an additional markdown, I want to be sure and get it:smile: Thanks!
  13. I would love to know this too. I just bought a paddington bag from SF, hopefully they'll price adjustment for me. Please keep me posted! TIA
  14. The second cuts haven't started at nordies yet have they? I just bought a wallet on saturday and it was still first markdown.
  15. I was there today and they have done the second cuts on the shoes. They are at 50% off now. Not sure about the bags, though.