Does Nordstrom do price adjustment for sales?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows Nordstrom's policy on price adjustment on items that were bought at regular price then went on sale after one or two weeks. Thanks!
  2. Yes, if the prices changes within two weeks, they will do a price adjustment.
  3. that may be the standard, but I had several DVF THINGS ADJUSTED A MONTH TO TWO MONTHS LATER-I was pleasantly pleased! I just asked.
  4. i did the price adjustment on sale items too. i bought it and the price went down in the next couple days. Nordies CS is super better than neimanmarcus as far as i know
  5. Besides the receipt, do you need to bring in the tag/item?
  6. That's very good news. If that's the case u can take advantage of this policy and get stuff way ahead of time b4 anyone else. I don't know of another dept store that does this.
  7. Saks will do price adjustments within 7 or 10 days (can't remember the policy exactly), but I've also had them adjust things after a month.
  8. I wonder if a Marc Jacob that's already on sales will have further discount after Christmas because I would really love to have it although I have 14 days to do price adjustment. I have it on hold until the end of today.