Does Nordstrom carry Balenciaga?

  1. I know Seattle Nordys carry Chanel and Bellevue Nordys carry Gucci but do they also carry Balenciagas??
  2. I dont think so. The only Nordies I know of selling bbags is in san francisco.
  3. Nordstrom in Arden Fair Mall Sacramento sells Balenciaga. They started about two weeks ago.
  4. Really?
  5. Nordstrom at Arden Fair in Sacramento is the only Nordstrom store currently selling Balenciaga. Their number is 916-646-2400. Patrice is my SA and she's great!
  6. oh my god when i go into work tomorrow i'm so having one transferred in for me. i had no idea nordies sold balenciaga. i'm thinking about getting my first bag but i'm so scared since it's the most i will ever have spent on one bag. but at least the employee discount will help settle my nerves!
  7. ^^^ ooh, emp discount. Lucky girl!
  8. There are only 2 Nordies in country selling B-bag right now. Arden Fair is one, San Fran must be the other.

    Talked to my SA this afternoon and he said they sent out an email company wide regarding the brand telling SAs to direct their inquiries to those 2 stores.
  9. Sacramento was the only Nordstrom store chosen by Balenciaga to carry their bags.
  10. My relative works at a nordstrom and they will not do transfers. Only mail order (DTC) to customer with free shipping because they do not carry bbags at other stores.
  11. Does anyone have the email of a good Nordstrom SA that carries Balenciaga handbags?

    Courtney is amazing! She is at the Sacramento Nordstrom. All the ladies in the department are wonderful. They have carried Bal since 2009 and all are knowledgable!
  13. Thank you so much! I will send her an email. Do you happen to know if you can buy a Bal bag on the 6 month interest free payment plan using a Nordstrom card?
  14. I have never heard about the 6 months interest free! How does it work?! But I've used my nordstrom card to buy many bags and a few Bals!