Does Nordstrom buyers buy reissue 226 in Grey?

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  1. I know those are available at NM and Chanel boutiques but NM will only offer points and have limited payment option, and you all know that there is no way to get discount from Chanel boutiques. I read from one of the threads that Nordstrom will do price adjustment for EGC or NM Incircle points....which would work out perfect for me. (I would wait to purchase from Nordstrom during NM incircle event, which should be in just a few weeks, and ask for a price adjustment.)

    So the only question now is....does Nordstrom order that particular bag? If anyone had seen the gray reissue in size 226 at any nordstrom at all please let me know. Thank you in advance ladies!

    (fingers crossed):shame:
  2. I called Nordstrom last week and asked if they do price adjustment to match Saks' EGC. Unfortunately the answer was "NO." So I think you should ask your Nordstrom SA first.

    About the dark silver 2.55, I don't hear Saks order any dark silver 2.55 for fall, so I think you should try NM. Just some information.
  3. Hi,

    thank you for letting me know that different SA may follow different policies. I will def. keep that in mind.

    BTW I am talking about matte gray reissue not the dark silver one. :supacool: have you seen those at saks or nordstrom?
  4. Bloomies has matte grey 226
    Here's james' email... He's a doll.

    I'm sure he can tell you about promos upcoming @ bloomies.
  5. I believe Nordstrom Seattle has the matte gray 226!
  6. Do you deal with a Chanel department?
    I think you should talk directly to the store manager at Nordstrom. They make the final decision about matching event points and perks.
  7. Could you tell me at which Bloomingdales location James works?
  8. James is at Chestnut Hill, Mass Bloomies. 617-630-6723

  9. Do you know if Nordstrom order any 2.55 met dark silver in 226?