does sell authentic furla

  1. does sell real furla bags i have seen some i like cause i want some or 6 of them :drool:
  2. Absolutely. I can't imagine a national retailer would sell fakes.
  3. I'm sure they must be authentic. At least the store I go to carries authentic, so the website is bound to sell so too.
  4. i wouldn't worry about big department stores like Nordstrom's. they're authorized sellers of the designers, so rest assured - you can check with the designer to make sure. these stores also have good, 'no questions asked' return policies in case you don't like the bag.
  5. Perhaps the original poster isn't familiar with the Nordstrom department stores. Nordstrom is a department store that has locations all over the USA, so you can be reassured that their website sells authentic products.
  6. thanks everyone
  7. are there actually fake furla's out there?
  8. I just recently got a fake Coach keychain on ebay (rolls eyes). I'm convinced now there are fake everything!