Does no one here like Mulberry bags?

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  1. I was very surprised when I joined this forum that there was no Mulberry bit, in England Mulberry bags are very popular, are they not in America? I have a Roxy and used to have a Bayswater, I also have a small gold satchell which is so cute. Does anyone else here have Mulberry bags and if so which ones? Please post pics:yes:

    Roxy in background
  2. [​IMG]
  3. If you hit the 'search' button above you will find MANY threads dedicated to Mulberry.

    There are several Mulberry fans here (esp me! heheh) and many are from the US as well. Dont fret! You are in good company here! ;)
  4. PS. you may want to post the pics of your collection in the section dedicated to this called the Showcase.
  5. I really like Mulberry, especially the Bayswater. I've actually found the PF while searching infos about it! unfortunately I don't own any
  6. I'm a big fan of the Mulberry bags. I just bought the Araline in claret three days ago (my first Mulberry). The leather and quality are incredible. I'd really like an Emmy and Bayswater.
  7. I have a a bayswater in Antique Glace that I fell in love with when I saw the movie In her Shoes.

    I like it!
  8. i really like mulberry bags!!!!! i bought a roxy but had to return it as it was way too heavy... :push: now i have the elgin as my work bag. :heart:
  9. I just got the Rosemary on sale, and I love it. It's the perfect size for me. My first and only so far though.
  10. I have the same apple green Roxy as posted above. I love how mine has darkened with use.

    The only problem with the leather is that it gets water spots easily.
  11. I've got a Chocolate Brown Roxanne; bought it after a trip to London! :heart:
  12. I have a Bayswater that I found for a steal. I love it and am thrilled to have one!!! It's a classic!
  13. I'm from NY and I like Mulberry bags. I have a Rosemary in oak and a Phoebe in chocolate brown. The leather gets better and better with age. Here's pics.
  14. Ain't nuthin' wrong with Mulberry!
  15. I have a Roxy in anthracite (sp?) and would absolutely buy another. The leather quality and workmanship are fantastic. That bag will last forever.