Does no one have a heart????

  1. It can't go home with me! Ewwww....
  2. LOL!! OMG! Someone bought one? One has to wonder WHY! I wish they would come here and share some real life pics of it!

    I couldn't bring it home even out of pity - my two kitties would probably kill it (maybe that would be merciful). :okay:
  3. I'm very wary of bags that can be described as "furry"...

    What is that fabric??
  4. Is that really an authentic Kooba?

    Or is it a tribble disguising itself as a Kooba?

  5. That is Shearling. But what is nore disgusting than the furriness is the colors! Kooba had this on their sale page forever trying to sell it for 400 and something.. I wonder what they do with bags that can't get sold. If I could ever get this bag for like 35 bucks I'd buy it just to examine it...LOL
  6. LOL is right! What a horrid looking thing. Didn't anyone at Kooba have the nerve to say "uh, that's the ugliest bag on the planet".
  7. But Lexie I remember from a long time ago you were looking for one of these! I thought of you when I saw it! Wasn't it a strange melding of two bags that got together one day? :heart::yes:
  8. Poor furry little bugger needs a home. How come I haven't seen that on the sale page?! It looks warm, can I wear it on my head?
  9. :love:
  10. OMG! I think I just died laughing......thump.
  11. That thing is scarey:wtf:
  12. Yea, sure I was looking for one...LOL I think it was Halzer that cut and pasted that bag onto my Table. This was the same seller's bag way back then. He's going to have to give the thing away. I'd take it for free!!
  13. And out of all the vintage Kooba links that I have, I've NEVER seen this particular bag in any of their seasons! It's quite odd.....:s
  14. hahahahahaha- gosh- this creation is just! kooba, kooba, kooba!