Does NM carry Chanel purses?

  1. Does NM carry Chanel purses? Oh and how much are they?
  2. Yes, they do.

    Price depends on the bag you want.
  3. im looking at the website and they dont see to carry it
  4. I believe their website only has the new F/W07 stuff, not everything that the boutiques have. Do you know the name? If you know the name or if you're able to describe the bag, we will likely be able to help you.

    There is also a reference library on this forum that you can look at which has photos of many of the bags the members of the forum own.
  5. ^Department stores like NM do carry Chanel, but they aren't authorized to list or sell Chanel items through their website.

    Chanel's very strict about online retailing.
  6. Oh sorry. I realized you meant the NM site. I read that way too quickly. I apologize.

    PP is correct. It is not listed on their website. You have to either go to the store or contact a sales associate to get the bag you want.
  7. i was thinking about the Chanel Cambons...or maybe a cheap Chanel but nice looking one
  8. ^I suggest having a SA hunt one down for you and ship it from another location as there may still be a few cambons floating around at different boutiques.

    eBay is probably your best bet but make sure you post in the Authenticate This thread before buying!
  9. The Petite Shopping Tote may also be worth looking at... should you be able to buy before Sept 1.
  10. I believe the Timeless Clutch is $9xx. Love that clutch!

    And yes, do buy before the price increase.
  11. NM is King of Prussia,Pa has that clutch !