Does NM accept BG giftcards?

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  1. I will be getting a $700 giftcard from BG, since I just bought the last Day Glo tote from Joseph!
    Someone mentioned in the Deals & Steals thread that NM stores accepts BG giftcards, is that true??
  2. They accept regular GC's, not promotional GC's. sucks!
  3. Aw shucks! I was hoping to spend it at the Chanel boutique in my local NM!
    Thanks sjunky13!
  4. Oh crap. Really? I got a bag from Joseph too but I only have a local NM here in Michigan. Hmm... Guess I have to use the gc on a BG purchase then.
  5. which color did you get for the Day Glo tote?? any pic to share...
  6. Black patent...will post pics once I receive the bag.
  7. Joseph told me those GCs may be used at NMs.
  8. I was told today that the gift card could be used at Neiman's.
  9. Hooray! Im glad thats all cleared up. Now I cant wait to get my gc and purse next week in the mail from Joseph!
  10. Same here! Thanks for clarifying it for us!!
    Aw schucks...and I just bought the "Baseball" tote from Neiman's on Sat.!! Oh well, I guess there's always something else I can get from Chanel! lol
  11. I received my GC yesterday and it says right on the GC that it can be used at BG, NM or Horchow.
  12. Yay! Thanks Mon for validating it!
  13. Ooh~ Mon, what did ya get? We all know you get the best stuffs. Show us! Show us!!