Does Neimans give discounts for a flawed bag?

  1. Does Neiman Marcus discount for a scratched or slightly damaged bag?

    Not a bag that damaged to the point where its not available for resale, but one with a slight flaw

    Anyone know? I thought that I'd read it a few times in different PF'ers threads

  2. A SA offered me a pink Wallet on chain that was on sale around $500 then she said she would take another 20% off because there was a small black mark/scratch. I
  3. WHAT!! MY SA said they aren't allowed to do that. GRRRRR
  4. o wow. my SA said they're not allowed to sell damaged items.
  5. I don't think they are technically supposed to, but I know that some will do that.
  6. Ok that's what I thought. It must be up to the SA. I asked for a discount for a bag that had some scratches and was told that they don't do that.

    BUt i specificaly remember reading threads from other PF'er who were given a discount for various flaws:hysteric: