does neimans carry cambon flats?

  1. I have a credit at Neimans, and want a pair of Chanel Cambon ballet flats, does anyone know if NM carries them?
  2. no...i asked...:sad:
  3. Bergdorf does and they were in stock a few weeks ago. Not sure if the credit good there.

  4. You can use your Neiman's card @ Bergdorf.:wlae: That's your solution. Make that call!
  5. you guys are the best, THANKS!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I called BG a couple days ago and they have the black on black cambon flats! But not the ones with the white CCs. Hope that helps!
  7. Were you able to get them?
  8. No, BG only had the Black/Black. Neimans did not order them at all. Black/White is only available at the CC boutiques.
  9. The Houston boutique had them in stock last week.